Notice:   Due to the pandemic our classes are "on-line" until further notice. We are offering SONG CIRCLE classes for children and adults and DISCUSSION classes for adults. We DO hope to return someday to in-person classes !

 Stay tuned for more information and check this site for any further updates. If you need to reach us please

call 818-925-6664 or send us an email at rinaldimommyandme@gmail.com.

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you soon!


Our Mommy and Me! classes are Parent Education classes that you attend with your child or grandchild. A Parent Education class is different from a play group, preschool, or "mommy and me" at the park. Anyone (mom, dad, grandparent, or caregiver) who is interested in learning about his/her child's development is welcome!

You are BOTH the student here!

Your child attends the class so that you may observe his/her behavior as s/he plays, works, and socializes with the other children when in-person classes are offered. This also allows your teacher to work with your child and demonstrate different educational methods of presenting materials and information. As you observe your teacher and your child during "Teacher Time" think about how you might use some of the teaching methods at home.

Each class meets once per week in the morning and provides an opportunity for you to observe your child's growth and development and participate in a discussion group with other adults that share common concerns. Classes are designed to help you become aware of your role as your child's first and main teacher, find improved techniques for raising your child, and develop a better understanding of your child and parent-child relationships. 

Not sure if a "Rinaldi Mommy and Me" class is right for you and your child? Feel free to "schedule a demo" for one of our open classes. Create an account on-line and then specify which class you would like to visit. This way you can check us out and see what our classes are all about. We will also be able to email a class information page with links and other items.





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Oct 01, 2020


Our school year on-line classes begin August 2020 and will run monthly. 

Each monthly Art/ Song Circle / Story Time/ Adult Discussion class is $40.00 for four weeks per family.  This class has two components: A morning art / song circle / Story for adults and children and an evening discussion component for adults where we discuss various topics related to parenting.  The Morning classes are on Tuesday at 10:30am and the Evening classes are every-other Tuesday at 7:30pm


You can pay online with a credit card. 

We do pro-rate, so if you register after the session begins, we will take money off for each class that you missed for the month.

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