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Sep 28, 2019
Upcoming Session Dates



 Fall 2019 Session Two begins the week of October 22nd. Pre-Registration (Priority) for those students currently enrolled in Fall Session One will be Oct. 1st- 6th. OPEN registration begins Oct. 7th  is on-going until classes are filled! 

  Upcoming Session Dates:

Fall Session Two - October 22-December 20  

Winter 2020- January 14-March 6

Spring 2020-  March 10-May 8

Mini- Session 2020 May 13-June 14 W/TH   


  We hope to see you soon!



Our school year classes ( August through May) normally run an 8 week session.  The session is $225 ($25 per class with a $25.00 non refundable administration fee.).  You can choose to pay online with a credit card or you can register and chose pay later, which means that you can pay on the first day of class by check or cash.  Our internet is not always working, so we cannot process credit cards at our facility.


We do pro-rate, so if you register after the session begins, we will take off $25 for each class that you missed.

Latest News:

Not sure if a "Rinaldi Mommy and Me" class is right for you and your child? Feel free to "schedule a demo" for one of our open classes. Create an account on-line and then specify which class you would like to visit. This way you can check us out and see what our classes are all about. We will also be able to email a class syllabus to you at that time and email an orientation letter which explains what to bring to class, where to park, etc.

We hope to see you sometime!