Policy and Procedures

 Before class- Please make sure your child has had breakfast before coming to school. Encourage your child to go to bed at a reasonable time the night before. Children and caregivers should be dressed in "play" clothes . Paint can stain. Closed toed shoes are required. Soft crib shoes are okay for young toddlers.

Arrival- Park in student parking lot (entrance is on Kalisher St. behind the school). Sign in upon arrival. Please wear name tages provided. They allow us to know who is in the class and helps all of us learn names. It also reminds you of what clean-up/supervision committee you are helping with for the day. All adults will participate in weekly jobs to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the rooms. Strollers are not allowed inside the clasroom.

Inside the classroom- Relax! Everyone is here to engage in a supportive learning environment. Let your child come to you if they need to feel comforted. Play with your child but also give them their own space. Enjoy this wonderful time with your child...after all...they are only little once!  Allow your child to cling to you if they wish. It is okay if they want to watch initially. Watching is a form of participation, particularly in a new environment. Know where your child is at all times. Be aware of the entire playgroup to ensure the safety of all students. A changing table is available in Room 1. Throw diapers away in an outside trash can. There is also a cot in the children's restroom for diaper changing. Adult restrooms are available on the main campus next to Room 4. Have another parent watch your child while you use the restroom or take your child with you. Step outside if you need to make or take a phone call. Cell phone use is prohibited in the classroom except to take photos of your own child.

 Snack time- Snack time is scheduled within the class time but we know children's tummies can rumble on their own time! Therefore, if your child is hungry before or after snack time, feel free to feed them outside while seated at a table. If your child uses a bottle or pacifier hold them in your arms while they are doing so.

Visitors- You are welcome to bring a friend, family member or any other person for a visit to our classes. Please notify your teacher by email if you wish to do so.

Illness- Parents with regular attendance enjoy and get more benefits from the class, however, if you or your child is ill, please plan to stay home and recover so that you will be able to join us at a later time. Please email your teacher if you are going to miss class. 

On the playground- Children need to go down the slide feet first. Children are not permitted to jump from the play equipment. Wheel toys must be kept off of the mat near stationary play equipment. Adults should observe all safety rules because young children learn by example.  You may choose to come inside the class or stay outside during discussion time. If you choose to stay outside you will supervise on area of the yard along with other adults and the teacher assistant.